Monday, January 28, 2013

Spring 2013: Episode One

PHC Surveyor  Results


1) Which professor is most likely to be elected Pope?  We posit that this question, unlike others in our survey, has THREE and only three correct answers.  First: Dr. Montgomery, because he believes in his own infallibility.  Second: Dr. Chodakiewicz, because he is the only Catholic.  Third: Dr. Kucks, because he says “mass” more than any other professor.  In our survey, 26.5% of responses were for Dr. Montgomery, 12.9% for Dr. Chodakiewicz, and 1.2% for Dr. Kucks.

2&3) 63% of respondents have read Pride & Prejudice.  Unsurprisingly, women are twice as likely to have read Pride & Prejudice than men.  40% of respondents prefered the 5hr BBC movie adaption, while 34% prefered the shorter Universal version with Keira Knightley.

Those who have read Pride & Prejudice strongly prefer the 5hr BBC production, while students who have partially read the book prefer the 2005 Keira Knightley movie.  Students who have not read the book do not like either movie.  (If you want to celebrate the 200th Anniversary with the largest number of friends, you are going to have to reserve that dorm lounge for a long time!)

4) 22% of students self-identify as members of College Republicans, while 9% are unsure.  Compare this to CRs numbers submitted to the Senate last fall, which claimed approximately 35% of the student body as members.  Are you a member, and don’t know it?  (Freshmen are more likely to self-identify as members than any other class.)

5)  36% of respondents frequently catch typos when they read the Herald.  Only 16% never see typos in the Harold.

We wondered whether girls who think J-majors are the handsomest guys were more likely to overlook typos in the Herald, or more likely to be critical in their approach.  In fact, girls who think J-majors are the handsomest came closer to the average than any other single major.  Girls who like Lit majors are most likely to find typos (100% find typos “Very often”), and girls who like SI majors are least likely to find typos (33.3% never find typos).

6)  Only 72% of respondents gave a categorically non-racist answer to the sibling marriage question.  

7)  57% of respondents call the conflict “The Civil War,” 21% said “The War Between the States,” 14% said “The War of Northern Aggression,” and only 7.2% used the U.S. Department of Defense’s official name, “The War of the Southern Rebellion.”

63% of the categorically non-racist answers also called the conflict “The Civil War.”  Respondents who were willing to make a categorically prejudiced answer to the sibling marriage question were also the most likely to give a radical answer (“War of Northern Aggression” or “War of the Southern Rebellion”) to the conflict question.

8)  63.9% of respondents answered “Unsure” to who is the President of the PHC Alumni Association.  12.2% of students were unaware that John Vinci has retired as a highly-respected Alumni Association president.  15.1% knew that Daniel Noa was recently elected to serve as the new President.  Maybe the Alumni Association will want to find new ways to increase communication with students?  

But then again, only 42.9% of alumni who took our survey correctly knew Noa is the new President.  Maybe the Alumni Association will want to find new ways to increase communication with alumni?

Other answers we received from students included:  Jenna Lorence, Jonathan Carden, and Sarah Pride.

9)  42% of guys believe heels improve a woman’s appearance.  Only 17% believe heels detract from a woman’s appearance.

Alumni are most likely to say heels improve a woman’s appearance, followed by the Senior class, then the Sophomores classes, with Juniors and Freshmen last.  Sophomores are most likely to say heels detract from a woman’s appearance.

10)  Which major do campus girls believe is home to the handsomest guys?  23% of women say Political Theory.  APP and SI tie for second at 15% each.  Overall, more than 75% of ladies chose a government major.

Respondent Data:
Total Responses: 166
Male: 79
Female: 85
Freshman: 22
Sophomore: 46
Junior: 40
Senior: 48
Alumnus: 8


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